The Second Edition of the Casing Organizational Communication book with Kendall-Hunt is looking for new cases.

Please use the following template to write your case study. It’s a Microsoft WORD document (.docx) file that has been designed with the WORD Styles function to ensure all manuscripts are formatted similarly and contain the same elements.

Case Study Template

Please down the template.

Timeline for the project:

Original Submissions are Due 6/15/2021

Accepted Submissions and edits returned to authors by 7/15/2021.

Revisions are due back to Editor by 8/01/2021 (along with the author contributor forms).

The final manuscript and instructor’s manual are sent to Kendall-Hunt by September 1st.

The goal is to have the book ready for the National Communication Association Convention in November 2021.

SAMPLE Case Study Template Completed

Using Styles Walkthrough Video from Jason Wrench on Vimeo.

Original Call

Casing Organizational Communication (2nd ed.).

Call for Cases:

Jason Wrench, the editor of Casing Organizational Communication, invites the submission of fictional case studies for the 2nd edition of the volume to be published by Kendall Hunt in 2021. 

The cases in this text are similar to those previously published in Casing Organizational Communication, Casing Public Relationships, and Casing Sport Communication (all published with Kendall Hunt). These are first-person or third-person narratives that lead to some kind of decision that is not actually made within the case itself.  

Authors who base their cases on actual organizational communication events will be asked to de-identify names and facts that could identify people, organizations, or specific situations. All the cases should be decision-based cases where the main character is left at the end of the case needing to make some kind of decision, but the possible decision alternatives should not be spelled out for the readers. These cases are intended to be short (7-15 pages).

All case authors will be asked to submit a subsequent teacher’s note for the case that will be made available for instructors using the case study book. To help you prepare your case and teacher note, please visit my website and look at the sample case and teacher’s note. You can also to download the writing template the case study/teacher note to help you prepare your case I also provided a completed sample case/teacher note and a video walk-through of the template for those not familiar with using Styles in WORD:

Please submit your case and teaching note by June 15th 2021, for possible inclusion in the case study book (the complete timeline for the project is on my website). All manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Office Word.

For more information, please contact me at:

Jason S. Wrench

Professor, Department of Communication

SUNY New Paltz