Jason's New Blog

I know, after years of being asked to blog about communication, I've finally broken down and created a new blog. Please take a second and see what's going on with me, my research, or my opinions about various issues related to human communication, organizational communication, or workplace learning and human performance imrpovement. More...

Over the next few months, I have a number of new books coming out. In July, the 6th Edition of Communication Apprehension, Avoidance, and Effectiveness coauthored with Virginia P. Richmond and James McCroskey will be available (Published by Allyn & Bacon). In November the two-volume set on Workplace Communication published by Praeger will be available. Also in November, look for the 2nd edition of Quantiative Research Methods for Communication.

Courses I've Taught at SUNY New Paltz

CMM 102 - Introduction to Communication

Survey of the study of human communication including: the classical origins of the discipline; the value and impact of symbols; the role of communication in human behavior.

CMM 202 - Interpersonal Communication

Communicating successfully in personal and social relationships. Survey of the human element in communication with a focus on skills in self-assertion, listening, perception, and understanding relationships.

CMM 354 - Communication Research Methods

Provides undergraduates with principles and basic skills necessary to criticize research literature; develops minimal proficiencies in structuring designs basic to descriptive and experimental studies, including data collection, analysis, and presentation techniques in communication research.

CMM 360 - Organizational Communication I

Analysis of traditional and contemporary theories of communication in context of modern complex organizations (government, industry, education, etc.). Consideration and explication of such pertinent concepts and variables as message, channel, networks, information, information flow, communication climate, communication audit, etc….

CMM 393 - Text Me!: The Social Effects of Computer-Mediated Communication

This course introduces students to theories, practices, and evaluations of how modern computer technology (3D virtual worlds, internet chatting, instant messaging, texting, online gaming, etc.) is being used to mediate human communication. The course will also focus on how computer-mediated communication impacts communication in a number of specific communication contexts: interpersonal communication (dating, families, friends, etc.), sexual communication, organizational communication, political communication, and health communication.

CMM 399 - Leadership & Communication

Leadership and Communication is designed to introduce students to leadership perspectives and the role communication plays in effective leadership and management strategies. The course explores communication variables involved when leaders attempt to influence members to achieve a goal. Topics include power, credibility, motivation, research on leader traits, styles, and situations, and current models of leadership. The different leadership challenges posed by different group and organizational types will also be explored.

CMM 430 - Instructional Communication & Workplace Learning

Provides upper-level undergraduates with the opportunity to learn how to design instructional training programs beginning with the needs assessment and continuing through the evaluation phase. Students will also learn the theoretical and practical aspects of both instructional communication and workplace learning.

CMM 454 - Organizational Communication Seminar

The main objective of this course is to build on the foundation of theory developed in CMM 360 (Organizational Communication I) and investigate current approaches to organizational communication concepts and processes through various analytical lenses.  The emphases in this course will be on analysis and research