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I know, after years of being asked to blog about communication, I've finally broken down and created a new blog. Please take a second and see what's going on with me, my research, or my opinions about various issues related to human communication, organizational communication, or workplace learning and human performance imrpovement. More...

Over the next few months, I have a number of new books coming out. In July, the 6th Edition of Communication Apprehension, Avoidance, and Effectiveness coauthored with Virginia P. Richmond and James McCroskey will be available (Published by Allyn & Bacon). In November the two-volume set on Workplace Communication published by Praeger will be available. Also in November, look for the 2nd edition of Quantiative Research Methods for Communication.

Workplace Communication for the 21st Century:


Tools and Strategies that Impact the Bottom Line










Volume One: Internal Workplace Communication


Chapter 1: Communicating within the Modern Workplace: Challenges and Prospects
Jason S. Wrench

Chapter 2: Ethics Matters: Why Ethical Communication Makes a Difference in Today’s Workplace
Janie M. Harden Fritz


Chapter 3: Creating a Productive Workplace Culture and Climate: Understanding the Role of Communication and Socialization for Organizational Newcomers
Corey Jay Liberman

Chapter 4: Effective New Employee Socialization
Patricia M. Sias and Erin B. Gallagher

Chapter 5: Communicating Accurate and Timely Information around the Workplace
Tamara L. Gillis

Chapter 6: Diversity Matters: Harnessing the Power of Diversity for Your Organization
Donnalyn Pompper

Chapter 7: Men and Women Communicating in the Workplace: Why Gender Differences Matter and Make Organizations More Effective
Janice Walker Anderson

Chapter 8: Leading through Our Words and Behaviors
Deborah J. Barrett

Chapter 9: Leading Only Happens When People Follow: Fostering a Culture of Followership
Michael Z. Hackman and Jane Hackman

Chapter 10: Managing Workplace Talent through Mentoring and Coaching: Getting Beyond Buzzwords to Practices That Work
Paul E. Madlock

Chapter 11: Understanding Work Group Dynamics: Effectively Getting People to Work Cohesively in Small Groups
Scott A. Myers, Stephanie Shimotsu, and Christopher J. Claus

Chapter 12: Don’t LOL at My E-Mail: Using Technology to Enhance Workplace Communication, Not Destroy Workplace Communication
Shannon M. Brogan, Erin E. Gilles, and Janice L. Bowers

Chapter 13: Working with You Is Killing Me: Learning How to Effectively Handle Workplace Conflict
Ruth Anna Abigail and Dudley D. Cahn

Chapter 14: Bullies Coming out of the Schoolyard and into the Boardroom: Combating Abusive Workplace Communication
Joel H. Neuman and Loraleigh Keashly

Chapter 15: Making Sure Your Workplace Communication Works: Determining the ROI on Workplace Communication Campaigns
Jason S. Wrench





Volume 2: External Workplace Communication


Chapter 1: How Strategic Workplace Communication Can Save Your Organization
Jason S. Wrench

Chapter 2: Protecting Reputation and Preventing Crisis: The Strategic Use of Issue Management
Tony Jaques




Chapter 3: The Art of Business Presentations: Communicating Effectively before Various Stakeholders
Mary L. Kahl

Chapter 4: Customer Service with a Smile: Creating a Climate Where Customers Come First
Tina A. Coffelt

Chapter 5: Selling Yourself or Your Product Starts with Communication
Jackson Hataway

Chapter 6: Marketing for the 21st Century: Thinking through Current Marketing Trends that Will Effectively Position Your Organization
Erin E. Gilles, Shannon M. Brogan, Doreen M. S. Jowi, and Jason S. Wrench

Chapter 7: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogs Oh My! Social Media and Web 2.0: Using Today’s Cutting -Edge Social Technology to Enhance Your Organization
Catherine Karl Wright

Chapter 8: You Are What You Brand: Managing Your Image and Reputation
Don W. Stacks

Chapter 9: Building and Maintaining Stakeholder Trust
Pamela Shockley-Zalabak and Sherwyn Morreale

Chapter 10: Every Organization Faces Risk, But Effectively Communicating Risk Is a Skill
LaKesha N. Anderson and Daniel L. Walsch

Chapter 11: Responding Effectively to Crises: Best Practices in Organizational Crisis Communication
Timothy L. Sellnow, Morgan Wickline, and Shari R. Veil

Chapter 12: I Read It on a Blog: Combating Rumors in the Age of Constant Communication
Kristin Roeschenthaler Wolfe

Chapter 13: Strategically Preparing for and Relating with the Media: Why Planning and Training Matter
Eric Bergman

Chapter 14: When People outside the Organization Need Information: Strategically Communicating with External Stakeholders
J. David Johnson and Anna Goodman Hoover

Chapter 15: Stopping the Island Mentality: Harnessing Communication during an Age of Globalization
Mary M. Meares